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Adventure Pet Sitting offers a variety of services that will fit your pet's needs! All services can be tailored to suit your needs!

Such as:

Daily walks: Either a walk in your neighborhood, or yard play. Provide fresh water, food & or treat. A minimum of 30 mins.

Daily visits: While you're @ work or away we'll visit your home to provide fresh food/water, scoop the litter box, check the house for accidents, provide cage cleaning, and basic home care. A min. of 30 mins.

Group Play:Usually in an enclosed area, we also go for group walks and adventures in the park with 2-5 dogs.Sometimes we play fetch, go for a swim, it's always a fun time!

Park Trips:We are lucky in this area! We have a variety of parks, and trails to utilize. We either go to the park on a 1:1 walk or we can go with a canine friend or a group, it's up to you!

Overnights: Overnights include staff sleeping over with your pet(s) (10-12 hour stay) We generally bring our own food & supplies. We go over everything before the overnight starts. We always follow your instructions & stick to your pet's schedule.

Quick Let Out: Available if we're in your neighborhood. Let out, water, treat. Approx: 15 mins.

Transport: To vet,groomer,doggy daycare,etc. Can be done during your visit or scheduled separately from a regular visit.

Feline Behavior Help Available


We are fully trained in administration of oral meds, topical &,transdermal meds.We can also do injections and subcutaneous fluids.

We can tailor visits to meet your specific needs.Especially if they need extra attention, while you're away, depending on our schedule!

While you are away we can text,email or chat as much as you would like to get an update.

We also like to leave a daily communication log to let you know when we visited, what we observed & how the visit went.

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