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Initial consultation - FREE

During our meeting we go over your usual routine & meet you and your pet(s). As we go over your regular routine (such as meals, exercise, play, we decide & coordinate what would work best while you're away. We provide a service agreement & you provide a key & dates/times needed. The rest is easy!!!


If we need to come over again for key pickup, or extra meeting prior to future visits a fee will be charged for our time. 

Daily visits/walks.... Start @$30 per visit -Walks/Play in your neighborhood Approx. 45 mins.  Mileage fees apply   

  PARK TRIP-Add $5                         



$100 For approximately a 10-12 hour stay including a staff sleeping over with your pet(s). Times can be adjusted depending on your needs (for example 7p-7a, 9p-9a)

MILEAGE Fees apply

Extra visits throughout the day are $30 per visit 

*Extra fees may apply depending on # of animals

*Holiday Fees also apply to overnights -$25.00 extra for overnight 


** This is Our Premium Top Dog Service**

We Stay Overnights with your pets, provide 2 or more visits throughout day. For those that need extra attention. Almost 24/7 Care.

*Holiday Fees are additional/Mileage fees apply

Quick Let Outs (15 Mins)...$15.00

Available if we are already in your neighborhood. We generally let your dog out, treats/water. Other pets can also be checked on too

*Restrictions may apply. If we need to stay longer, due to accident cleanups, etc. regular visit fee will be charged. Mileage applies if we are not in your neighborhood.

Key Pick Up/Drop Off.....$20.00

No charge if we're in your area, doing another visit 

Transport to vet, groomer, Pet Food Pick Up, etc.... $25.00 per 30 mins (within Monroe County) *MILEAGE FEE 

*Holiday Fee-Flat charge of $10.00 extra PER VISIT 

(For the following Holidays: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day 

*OVERNIGHTS $25.00 added if overnight on Holiday, $10.00 fee added to visits needed throughout day on Holiday

We usually do not charge extra for giving meds./injections, etc.

(Every case is different, we will discuss at meet & greet)

Please ask us if you have further questions!

Prices increase yearly

We accept Cash ,Check, Money Order, PayPal,Venmo

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